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AI in Media Production

June 25, 2024

(Based on the Article: AI Assistants in Media Production and Management: A Survey of Workflow Optimizations for Enhancing Creativity)

By Rob GonsalvesKatherine LiStephen WilsonNéstor Nápoles López and Shailendra Mathur

                An earlier blog post detailed how artificial intelligence (AI) will transform journalism. However, AI will affect more than just news. Media production and management workflows will become significantly easier with AI. However, implementing them in an ethical way will be paramount, especially in the post-production phases of the process.

                AI can help the production process, from visuals to asset management, in several ways. Many of the tasks in post-production are quite tedious, and AI can streamline many of the processes. It can edit discrepancies from CGI, fix audio issues, and even interact with a production’s music. AI can make things extremely simple, and it’s only improving. So, how can this technology improve the media production process without destroying people’s livelihoods?

                The simple answer is AI assistants. While human beings still need to remain the driving force for art to connect with an audience, there’s nothing wrong with using it as a tool. AI can assist, however, by streamlining workflows to save time and money. It can even help those facing a creative block. Many people currently using AI in media production even refer to these tools as “co-pilots.” Important pieces of the puzzle, but not at all in-charge of the project.

                Ethical questions regarding AI seem to be reaching a consensus surrounding most industries, but more needs to be done to make sure humans are the ones creating these works. It’s important to exercise caution and control with tools, as workflows should be made easier rather than given away entirely. Using these tools as assistants is a great way for the media, and all other industries, to view these new technologies and retain the control over our content, products, and services.

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