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Improving Micro-LED Resolution

February 23, 2023

A paper recently published in Nature revealed that researchers at MIT have developed a new technique for creating micro-LED displays with triple the amount of pixels compared to what was previously possible using traditional micro-LED technology. The paper, recently summarized on the Sound & Video Contractor website, explains that micro-LED pixels are traditionally made up of three sub-pixels (red, green, and blue) side-by-side in monitors and televisions, which combine at different intensities to produce a full spectrum of color. However, there has always been a limitation to the device’s resolution because micro-LED pixels could not be distributed densely enough for sharper resolution. However, the MIT researchers reported that they have discovered that by stacking micro-LED sub-pixels in layers in a particular order—red at the bottom, green in the middle, and then blue on top—they could produce a stacked pixel with greater resolution and a full color spectrum.


Michael Goldman

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