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Metahumans: A New Way to Experience Sports

May 31, 2024

(Based on the Article: Using Metahumans in Large-Scale Sports Production)

By Doris RetfalviMahe Dewan, and Miguelangel Yabrudes

              Watching live sports is always a thrill, but rewatching those same games is always lackluster. Even the greatest moments in sports become mundane upon a second viewing. But what if you could experience those moments in a new light? Thanks to advancements in virtual and immersive experiences, audiences can gain amazing insights into some of their favorite moments from live sports.

              The 2022 FIFA World Cup has already made strides in this area. With the help of Unreal Engine and Disguise Creative Services, FIFA was able to capture and analyze each game in real-time. This allowed them to recreate every moment from the game using MetaHumans. These moments and analytics were broadcast on TUDN during their World Cup broadcast.

              The broadcast was a major hit, with rave audience reviews. The animated replays showed new angles of plays that no one could have possibly experienced otherwise. Broadcasters could analyze plays like never before. The gamification of the event made it more accessible for those who normally wouldn’t be into the sport. It’s not just audiences who benefitted either.

              The producers of the broadcast have stated that they experienced greater flexibility in their broadcasts, with more to talk about than the usual sports banter. That year, TUDN’s profit grew significantly, and much of that can be credited to the innovative broadcast. Given the benefits for both the audience and the broadcaster, it’s easy to see the benefits of MetaHuman replays.

              Much of this technology is expensive, so it hasn’t spread far. However, as this tech becomes easily available, sports fans should expect to see it more often. Live sports are always quick to jump on immersive innovations, and MetaHumans are no different. In the future, it’s possible that people can rewatch entire games of their favorite sports from angles they have never imagined.

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