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Montreal Bootcamp 2024

June 25, 2024

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Abstract: Report on the AI in Media Conference On May 29, 2024, SMPTE Montreal organized a successful Bootcamp on AI in media in partnership with Montreal’s Entertain-AI group. 245 participants attended interactive presentations by expert speakers. Positive feedback highlighted the quality and relevance of the event and networking opportunities abounded. Additionally, four students in the tech media world received scholarships thanks to our FCTM event (linking students and employers)

Report of the Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Media Date and Theme: On May 29, 2024, a captivating Bootcamp on artificial intelligence in media was held, organized by SMPTE Montreal. Participation: The event brought together 245 participants in the room, and some others via streaming, in a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Speakers and Interactivity: 18 expert presenters shared their knowledge and vision, sparking interest and engagement from the audience. The presentations were interactive, allowing participants to ask questions in real-time, enriching the debates and discussions.

Participant Feedback: The feedback from participants was extremely positive, highlighting the quality and relevance of the presentations. The day concluded with a networking “Happy Hour” session, offering an excellent opportunity to strengthen professional ties and forge new collaborations.

Learning and Innovation Opportunities: This event was a great opportunity for participants to learn and discover the latest advancements in artificial intelligence applied to media. The presentations allowed participants to be surprised by what is possible thanks to new technologies.

Honoring Students: Additionally, four students received the bursaries they were awarded at our FCTM 2024 event. Our event creates a privileged meeting place between students and employers in the field of media technologies. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that one of these students is joining the SMPTE Committee, bringing a new perspective and energy to our organization.

Partnership: A punctual partnership has been put in place with Montreal’s Entertain-AI group. The objective of this collaboration was to include a group that is already active in the field of AI in the media, thus reinforcing the value of the bootcamp content for our members.

Visual Illustrations: To relive the highlights of this wonderful day, we captured some photos illustrating the various presentations, exchanges, and moments of conviviality.This conference not only enriched the knowledge of the participants but also strengthened the bonds within the media professionals' community. We look forward to continuing this momentum and organizing other equally inspiring and enriching events in the future.

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