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Pre-Conference Wrap: Digital Media Ecosystem

October 25, 2010

Bob Lambert, president of Technology and Strategy Associates, led a panel that summed up the day’s exploration of the digital media ecosystem.

He asked the speakers to identify the obstacles.

Mukul Krishna, global director, digital media practice at Frost & Sullivan, pointed out that there will continue to be multiple formats. “There is no end to that,” he said. “I believe we will have to bite the bullet and try to move toward common formats.”

But he doesn’t believe that will happen in the next decade.

Added Scott Smyers, consultant, Sunrise Digital: “Consumers are getting content anytime and anywhere. The problem with digital distribution of content is that companies like Netflix don’t have an incentive to delivery content that is compatible with competitors. Same with Apple, there is no business incentive. We have to remember the consumer. The consumer is the victim in all of this.”

He added that now consumers can access content through unauthorized means, and suggested that that factor might give the industry the incentive to create a consistent platform. He also believes this might be 10 years out.

Before wrapping, Lambert asked each speaker what is most important to watch in the ecosystem? Some responses:

Shawn Carnahan, CTO, Telestream: DRM

Scott Smyers: DECE

Kilroy Hughes, global interop & technology affairs, Microsoft: “HTML5—will that become the delivery target?”

Al Kovalick, fellow, Avid: “Automate or die, that is the most important thing for production.”


Erminia Fiorino

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