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Public Committee Drafts

March 10, 2023


As a standards organization, SMPTE works tirelessly to create innovative new ways to change the film and television industry. However, these standards aren’t created in a vacuum. SMPTE relies on its members to make these changes more efficient and helpful. For some, that means joining a standards committee and experimenting with new technologies in order to create something amazing. For others, assisting in standards means making frequent visits to the Public Committee Drafts (CDs).

A Public CD is a standard before it becomes a standard. Think of it like a cocoon. The tech, practice, or guideline isn’t a caterpillar anymore, but it’s not quite a butterfly. Though engineers are usually the target audience, these documents are open to the public to review and comment on, meaning you don’t even have to be a SMPTE member to access them. However, the documents are only available for a limited time, so interested parties should check-in frequently to stay in the loop. All of SMPTE’s Public CDs can be found on GitHub and commented on via the Issue Tracking Feature.

Those reading Public CDs benefit from this by accessing information early, seeing where possible new tech, practices, and guidelines will fit into the film and television ecosystem, and by contributing their expertise to make these new standards better than ever. Keep in mind, these documents aren’t published yet. This means they can’t be referenced as a SMPTE standard, engineering guidelines, or even recommended practices. Remember, these documents are close to completion, but they still need review, notes, and testing.

To that end, every Public CD is different. Some last a few months while others will last years. Additionally, just because a Public CD exists, doesn’t mean it will become a SMPTE standard. It’s rare, but some Public CDs never get published for one reason or another. However, most Public CDs have become standards. In fact, Public CDs have produced some of SMPTE’s most used standards, including those involving the ST 2067, which deals with the Interoperable Master Format. For example, one of the most current documents coming to the Public CD is the ST 2067-71 IMF Application VC-6.

Public CDs are an important part of SMPTE standards and membership. Reviewing these CDs is not a requirement, but it’s a great way for members to participate in the organization, learn more about the work of different standards committees, and stay up to date with the newest technology and practices in the industry. Even if you aren’t a SMPTE member, these documents can be reviewed by anyone and everyone, making them a great way to learn more about what the organization does.

  SMPTE isn’t just a standards organization. It’s a society of brilliant individuals, each of whom has knowledge and experience to bring to the table. Reviewing and commenting on Public CDs is a great way to show your support.

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