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SMPTE Announces New Director of Membership

January 26, 2024

SMPTE would like to congratulate Jewelie Elsbree on accepting the role of SMPTE Director of Membership. The Director of Membership plays a crucial role in driving membership growth and providing essential support to current members. This position involves assessing the needs of members and potential members, communicating these needs to other departments, and collaborating on plans for support. The Director of Membership will work to create and implement innovative strategies for achieving membership retention and growth.


“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue my work with SMPTE in a new capacity,” said Elsbree when asked about her new position. “After almost 11 years with this organization, I have a passion for our members and the Society. I look forward to expanding our reach and ensuring the satisfaction of our members and volunteers globally. My hope is to enhance the value of SMPTE membership for all members across all stages of their careers, regardless of their location or interests. I believe that by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our membership, we can enrich the experiences and perspectives of all members and better serve the Society as a whole. From students to our dedicated life members, we have a fantastic global family of Sections, members, and volunteers, and I am excited to continue to engage with all of them on a personal level. Wherever you are in your career, or in the world, SMPTE is a place for you. And after 108 years, we wouldn’t be where we are without all of you.


In addition to this change to SMPTE staff, Home Office will undergo some further changes to make room for the change we are implementing across the Society, both to enhance the member experience and member benefits. This includes bringing Lisa Kehrle closer to the Membership Department and assisting in corporate member relations. When asked how she felt about her new position, Kehrle responded, “I am looking forward to working with all of our wonderful corporate members and with Jewelie.”


Together with the entire SMPTE HQ staff and elected leaders, we are working to continue to bring value to SMPTE membership. Working to help each member get the most of their benefits is part of that effort. Additionally, we will continue to build the SMPTE community to address the needs of members at all levels of their career, from discovery to retirement.


Congratulations Jewelie Elsbree and Lisa Kehrle! We know you’ll both do great work in the membership department and make SMPTE proud.

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