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Bridging Blu-ray Disc Physical Media and Digital Delivery

September 18, 2010

While digital delivery of filmed and TV entertainment content is taking off, the consumer usage and revenue models still pale in comparison to that of physical media.

During the pre-conference program, Todd Collart, senior vp, new technology at Deluxe, examined ways in which Blu-ray—in particular BD Live—can be leveraged to bridge the gap between physical media and digital, over-the-top services.

He emphasized that BD Live should be viewed as an enabling technology, not a feature. And he pointed to potential advantages:

Streaming trailers: The technology allows the streaming of trailers that would have otherwise gone on the Blu-Ray Disc. That allows the content owners to replace stale trailers with new ones. It also allows them to plan a rotation schedule.

Bonus Content: A disc could direct the consumer to free movies or TV episodes.

VOD: Once a Disc is purchased, it could enable VOD access.

“Key Disc:” In this model, the disc doesn’t content the content. Instead it essentially acts as a key to access online content.

Moving further away from the disc, he pointed to the Digital/ECopy (a digital copy that is available with a disc purchase) or secondary device support.

Collart concluded that Blu-ray and Blu-ray models can prompt new opportunities.


Erminia Fiorino

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