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F65 Short "Eldorado" Premieres At The TSC

April 16, 2012

Eldorado—a new 8-minutes short film from Curtis Clark, ASC, which was lensed with Sony’s F65 camera, was presented Sunday at the NAB’s Technology Summit on Cinema, co-produced with SMPTE.

Clark (The Draughtsman’s Contract) also wrote and directed The Arrival, the short that previewed the capabilities of the F65, before its release, a year ago. At the time, the TSC (then called the Digital Cinema Summit) was among the first public screenings of the anticipated short.

Eldorado includes a range including day, night, indoor, outdoor and was lensed in Las Vegas and at Red Rock. It was produced using the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES), the developing architecture aimed at preserving the quality of the captured image through a variety of workflows in production, postproduction, and restoration. The development of ACES was led by AMPAS’ Science and Technology Council and was outlined on Saturday at the TSC.

The screening of Eldorado concluded a Sunday session on “4K and beyond,” during which Sony CTO Hugo Gaggioni offered an overview of the F65 and its workflow. He said of the ability to perceive 4K compared with today’s more commonly used formats, “as panels get larger, you can see the [4K] effect.”

Yoshiaki Shishikui, head of advanced TV systems research division, NHK Research, discussed plans to shoot portions of the London Olympics using its UHDTV 8K production system, while testing a delivery method. This is a joint project between NHK, Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS) and BBC.

Reported Craig Todd, CTO, Dolby Laboratories: “Many of the necessary standards for UHDTV are in development. We may have an agreed specification in a couple weeks time.”

Jim Houston, principal of Starwatcher, moderated the discussion.



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