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    HPA Day opens SMPTE

    October 21, 2014

    The marriage of SMPTE and HPA was celebrated today, with the launch of a day-long HPA symposium devoted to "Making Do with More." Held at the historic El Capitan movie palace on Hollywood Blvd, the HPA symposium started off with a mini-keynote by HPA President Leon Silverman (who introduced the symposium with and Vice President Jerry Pierce). "How many Ks is okay?" summed up Silverman, a question that will doubtless be repeated throughout the day. "Can consumers perceive enough of a difference with pixel count alone to vote with their wallets?" he asked.

    Silverman outlined the tremendous challenges facing the post production community as 4K becomes a reality, including "8 to 16 times" more bandwidth/space to transport and store 4K images. All this boils down to the need for more time and money, both already at a premium in the budget-constrained post world. But the need for the post industry to come up with a reliable and repeatable workflow that takes different platforms and different image parameters is more crucial than ever, says Silverman. "How terrific that we live in a time that we can make so much of a difference," he says, stressing the upside of the opportunity to meet the demands. "And so many here have already helped to usher in this new era of entertainment."


    SMPTE Staff

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