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IIF ACES Addressed At SMPTE Symposium

October 24, 2011


AMPAS’ SciTech Council co-chair Ray Feeney urged the industry to do some internal testing of the developing IIF (Image Interchange Format) ACES  (Academy Color Encoding Specification) “before it becomes a project requirement."

His remark came Monday at the SMPTE Symposium, dubbed “The Large-Sensor Imaging Revolution,” which was developed in collaboration with the American Society of Cinematographers.

IIF ACES was discussed as part of the conversation about workflow issues.

“The system has been proven to work," Feeney said of IIF ACES, which addresses workflow with emphasis on color consistency. "Some pieces still need refinement. We are making some very significant progress.”

He pointed out that with the IIF ACES pipeline, there are many pieces that need to be addressed in the workflow, “not just the major pieces. There are clean-up tools, restoration tools, conforming tools—and every facility has a different setup.”

“Looking at ACES as an archival format is a very good thing,” added speaker and moderator Michael Most of Level 3 Post. “It is a documented, open format. … It is about eliminating restrictions.”

Kicking off the day, SMPTE Executive Director Barbara Lange welcomed attendees to the symposium and shared the news that the Society has won two 2011 Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

One Emmy recognizes SMPTE’s work in local cable ad-insertion technologies that now help broadcast facilities – particularly cable head ends and unattended stations – to switch as easily between digital programming and advertising as they did with similar materials in the analog domain. The second award will be presented to the Society for its end-to-end system for describing a program’s aspect ratio and to allow users to control the ratio displayed.

The SMPTE conference officially kicks off at 9:30am on Tuesday at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel with opening remarks followed by a keynote address from visual effects veteran Scott Ross, co-founder and former CEO of Digital Domain.



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