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    Legendary Mandarin-Speaking Film Technologist Tu Duu-Chih, Speaks at the SMPTE Annual Conference

    November 9, 2020

    Recommended by the Chair of the AES track, Iris Wu, Taiwanese veteran film re-recording mixer Tu Duu-Chih is invited as a guest speaker at SMPTE 2020: Game On,. Tu will be the first Mandarin speaker ever in the prestigious annual event for this centennial organization. In the pre-recorded online talk premiered in November 10th UTC, Tu will share how Mandarin-speaking films interpret and represent sounds with top technical professionals around the world. “SMPTE is the beacon for filmmaking technologies,” says Tu. “I’m honored to be invited as the first Mandarin speaker in its history. In this valuable opportunity, I will review my film production experiences over decades. Along with selected clips, I will explain how sound processing has enriched these stories and performances.” In this online talk, Tu will record with professional photography and recording teams to uphold the highest standard. 

    Starting Ambidio in 2016, Iris Wu has been awarded by Hollywood Professional Association, and serves as a committee member and the Chair of the AES track for SMPTE 2020. ”There are some good stories in Mandarin-speaking films that the world doesn't know about. I am honored to invite the leading re-recording mixer in Mandarin-speaking cinema, Tu Duu-Chih, to SMPTE 2020 sharing about the beauty and the cultural heritage embedded in it. I hope this is the beginning of more global representation and collaboration in the media & entertainment industry.”

     “We’ve been focused on making SMPTE 2020 accessible to all professionals around the globe since we are not bound to a physical location, It’s the perfect year to host our first speaker to deliver their presentation in Mandarin Chinese, Tu Duu-Chih, who is behind the sound of numerous award-winning Mandarin language films,” said Kylee Peña of Netflix and program committee co-chair for SMPTE 2020. “Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over 900 million people – almost three times as many as English. I’m excited we’re able to represent the global community of SMPTE by featuring media professionals who might not otherwise be able to travel to LA, and to do so in the native language that is prevalent in their region.”

    Through this annual conference, Tu hopes emerging Taiwanese filmmakers can learn more about SMPTE-certified standards and specifications. “When more Taiwanese titles and filmmakers follow international standards,” says Tu, “we can all progress faster and deliver better.”

    Established in 1916, SMPTE is the home of media professionals, technologists, and engineers across the globe. It maintains over 800 standards and practices for film and television industries. With over 250 corporate members, including Apple, Canon, Disney, Google, and Netflix, the SMPTE annual conference covers latest technologies and specifications. With the theme “Game On”, SMPTE 2020 will be held from November 10th to 12th online for its members and participants, due to the global pandemic.

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    Seeking the Sound for Film: A Case of Mandarin-speaking Cinema


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    Legendary Mandarin-speaking film re-recording mixer Tu Duu-Chih is going to deliver his talk in SMPTE 2020:Game On in Mandarin. (Camera: Chen Po-Yan, Boom Operator: Cho Zong-Cheng)

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