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Bringing Order to Change is SMPTE's Mission

October 12, 2020

Dear SMPTE members and the professional media community at large:


By now, you've seen that SMPTE has recently made some pretty bold changes to our identity. On October 1 we launched the new SMPTE logo, which is a considerable departure from the design you've recognized for so many years. Yet it's one that references our global reach as well as our values and heritage of more than 100 years, with a stylized camera iris rendered in SMPTE's iconic color bars. We hope you agree that the logo is now as colorful as the technology and the people that make up our industry. This website also features a refreshed look, featuring a nod to the color bars and a more inviting user experience overall, with many more improvements planned in coming months.


As an important element of our current three-year strategic plan, these changes are the most conspicuous evidence of our work in reimagining what SMPTE can be to its members and the industry. In executing that plan, we're driving forward change within the Society that ensures we take a more diverse approach to who our members are and how we deliver the tools, education and events that will help them to achieve success. Achieving this kind of thoughtful change in what SMPTE, the organization and the brand, represent has been a process involving the input of countless SMPTE members, every member of the SMPTE staff, and the support of our Board of Governors. I thank you all for joining together in a common goal of lifting SMPTE to a new level as the home of media professionals, technologists and engineers.


As SMPTE President for 2019-20 and a SMPTE member for more than 25 years, I've been particularly interested in planning our long-term strategy to address key technical trends driving our industry. Yet as we've all seen so dramatically in 2020, plans often change. And while it would have been hard to foresee the unprecedented upheavals forced this year by the pandemic, global politics and other seismic changes, I'm happy to say that we couldn't have planned SMPTE's fundamental transformation for a better time.


In an industry driven over the last 100+ years by constantly changing technology, SMPTE people have always evolved and helped the Society evolve as well. And in 2020, SMPTE people are addressing this year's disruptions to bring about even greater innovation. This year we've adapted to world events by delivering our Annual Technical Conference for the first time as a virtual event celebrating the world of eSports. No matter where in the world you live and work, I encourage you to register for SMPTE 2020: Game On. I'm particularly proud that at this year's event a part of your registration fee is dedicated to helping those in our industry facing particular hardship. Your pay-it-forward attitude helps demonstrate the leadership that makes the Society such an important factor in ensuring that our colleagues succeed in the motion imaging industry.


I also hope you plan to attend SMPTE's 2020 Town Hall: Annual General Membership Meeting, presented virtually this year as a webcast. The last stretch of the year promises more change and evolution for the Society and its members than we've experienced for many years. Members and non-members alike may attend to hear from the executive committee about the state of the Society and the industry.


In a world of constant change, now more than ever, SMPTE’s work is critical in bringing order to the chaos as we’ve done for a century. I am proud of SMPTE and to be a part of its global membership who make it possible.



Prez Pat

Patrick Griffis

President of SMPTE

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Patrick Griffis

SMPTE President

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