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SMPTE+ virtual event, “IP Facilities – The Big Picture"

September 14, 2021

 The JT-NM, a partnership comprising the AES, AMWA, EBU, SMPTE, and VSF, is providing an opportunity for attendees to meet experts from leading studios, broadcast groups and networks, professional sports teams, standards bodies, industry associations, and media technology suppliers. They will come together for a series of straightforward, practical discussions intended to support media organizations in adopting IP infrastructure.  

“We’re grateful to SMPTE for providing the SMPTE+ platform to facilitate conversations among an impressive array of leaders in IP implementation,” said Brad Gilmer, president of Gilmer & Associates Inc. and the chair for the SMPTE+ IP Facilities event. “Through the JT-NM’s efforts, this event will highlight how the industry is working together to advance of the global deployment of IP infrastructure and media workflows. The program committee has gathered speakers to share success stories as well as lessons learned. We will also provide updates on the latest standards development work and what it means for organizations.” 

This third SMPTE+ event will offer the most expansive look yet at the current and future world of IP media production solutions enabled by the SMPTE and AMWA NMOS standards and specifications. In a series of dynamic and interactive sessions, speakers will explore the maturity and ongoing evolution of this toolkit and take an interactive look into several of the most significant global deployments to date. Panel discussions will feature many of the people involved in both creating and deploying these capabilities at scale in real solutions. 

Registration is open now. The registration link and further details about this SMPTE+ event are online at https://plus.smpte.org/2021plus/IP-Infrastructures. Members of JT-NM organizations will receive a promotional code that enables free access to this event.   

As another SMPTE initiative designed to help media technology professionals get ahead and find success, SMPTE+ is free to SMPTE members. Upon registration, they gain access not just to the Oct. 5 event, but also to the two other SMPTE+ events held earlier this year, as well as the final event, “The Journal Progress Report — Meet the Experts,” on Dec. 14.   

Professionals may choose to attend only this event on IP infrastructure for $99, but SMPTE membership offers even greater value: access to all four SMPTE+ events — and the many other benefits of SMPTE membership — for just $165. 

Registration and additional information about the full SMPTE+ series is online at plus.smpte.org/2021plus. Further information about SMPTE is available at smpte.org. 

About JT-NM 

The Joint Taskforce on Networked media is a self-coordinating group of industry bodies working together on the development of IP technologies for professional media systems. JT-NM member companies include the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE®), and the Video Services Forum (VSF). Our mission in an open, participatory environment, is to help drive development of a packet-based network infrastructure for the professional media industry by bringing together manufacturers, broadcasters and industry organizations to create, store, transfer and stream professional media. 



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