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Ohio Section Meeting Recap June 2024

June 25, 2024

The June 20th, 2024 Ohio Section meeting was a joint meeting with the Central Ohio SBE Chapter 52, and took place at the new modern WOSU Public Media plant, located in the Ohio State University area of Columbus.

The presenter for the evening was Ed Shrider, an Ohio Section Manager, who spoke on the topic of “How Television Covers Horse Racing.” Ed was recently working for the firm FanDuel‘s video production crew who televised separate video coverage of the Kentucky Derby from the NBC-TV Network’s broadcast coverage. In the past three years he was also working in a similar position with FanDuel at the DelMar racetrack in the San Diego, California area. His opening talk began with a general organizational layout of the racetrack industry as a whole, within the USA. He mention strategic mutual considerations such as each major horse race track’s schedule is generally set up so as not to be in direct conflict with the other major horse racing tracks’ schedules around the country. He pointed out that today’s horse race betting atmosphere has become much more popular and intensive than ever before, especially with the advent of remote online betting access in various states around the country!

FanDuel is one of the new emerging firms involved in that particular area of the horse racing industry. Ed went over how the video media coverage for each horse race is dedicated not only for the fans’ benefit but, also for the added documentation responsibility leading to the final announcements of the winners by the various racetrack officials! Several high tech devices were also mentioned to assist in that documentation effort such as, mini transmitters being placed inside each horse’s saddle, making it possible to more accurately track each individual horse’s progress, all the way to the finish line. Also, special horse jockey helmets which have mini cameras installed, provide a more advantaged view as the race is taking place. He pointed out the fact that most racetracks are now using permanently installed tall base towers for their camera units, allowing each camera to be quickly plug into during their installations and that way are pre-positioned for the most consistent wide angle coverage possible for each individual race. He mentioned that present day state of the art Television coverage of horse racing requires the upmost attention to detail in every area of coverage, leading to the highest documentation possible every time, every race! That effort is also augmented by using actual camera operators physically being placed behind most of the camera positions as well as, some controlled remotely. Those key camera placements can be critical especially in close races where the results may later be challenged!

A lively question & answer session followed Ed’s very well received presentation by the members and guests in attendance.

Gene Batey,
Ohio Section,

Photo left to right: Barry Bennett-Meeting attendee, Ed Shrider-Ohio Section Manager, Bill Kenney-meeting attendee


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