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Ohio Section Meeting Recap

August 28, 2023

SMPTE Ohio Section: June 2023

On 29 June 2023, our evening meeting took place at the new ultra-modern WOSU Public Media plant, located across the street from the main campus of the Ohio State University in Columbus. Mike Meadows, the director of technology, began his presentation to the group by narrating detailed video slides outlining key architectural and construction phases of their building project, leading to their grand opening last year! He mentioned that it was a “grounds up” effort where all of the key parties involved were mandated to successfully overcome a variety of complex issues within a certain timeline and budget, starting from the original project leading all of the way to the completion! Following Meadows’ clear and interesting presentation, he gave the members and guests in attendance a comprehensive tour of their new and in some instances futuristic, facilities. One of the most outstanding accomplishments of their new facilities is their unique ability to more physically and conveniently accommodate their employees with a broader range of workplace needs and solutions, even exceeding many National & Local employee standards and practices! The WOSU complex is one of the most advanced and cutting-edge PBS/NPR/PUBLIC MEDIA facilities anywhere in the country! After the tour, the meeting adjourned.—Gene Batey, Secretary/Treasurer


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