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SMPTE Exhibition "Excellent As Always"

October 24, 2012

An encouraged Amberfin CTO Bruce Devlin took some time out from the SMPTE exhibition—which opened 23 October and will be open through Thursday—to talk about some of the progress he is seeing in adoption of file-based workflows and the SMPTE standards that support them.

“SMPTE is so important in getting vendors’ [technologies] to talk to each other in a cooperative environment for the benefit of media companies,” Devlin said.

He was encouraged to hear SMPTE 436—which supports carriage of VBI and VANC in MXF—discussed on Tuesday in a conference session. And he noted that Wednesday’s presentation of SMPTE Timed Text Format (SMPTE-TT), a caption interchange standard, is another important topic on the agenda.

AmberFin is on the exhibition floor showing its iCR, which has implemented SMPTE 436 and SMPTE-TT.

Also exhibiting this week is Digital Rapids, which is on hand with Kayak, its new workflow platform; and StreamZ Live Broadcast, a live encoder developed to support both multi-screen streaming and broadcast operations. “Excellent as always,” said Digital Rapid product manager Darren Gallipeau of SMPTE’s exhibition. Like Devlin, Gallipeau said he looks forward to exploring file-based workflows this week.

The list of 77 exhibitors also includes Cinegy, which is on hand with the latest version of its Cinegy Multiviewer as well as the new Cinegy Player, a standalone tool for viewing broadcast files. At SMPTE, the company is distributed complimentary Cinegy Player licenses.

The exhibition will be open Wednesday from 10:30-18:30, and Thursday from 10:30-14:00.

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