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SMPTE Planning to Create HFR Test Material

October 24, 2012

CineCert’s John Hurst, co-chair of SMPTE 21DC, kicked off an update of the technology committee’s work by reporting that the bulk of DCI standards have now been published but this current platform is “just beginning of what is possible” in cinema.

MKPE Consulting’s founder Michael Karagosian—who co-chairs 21DC’s HFR study group with Kommer Kleijn and David Stump—said the group is focusing on HFR mastering and distribution through exhibition.

He reported that 428-7 is a subtitling spec that the group aims to finalize for 3D applications—though it is not clear how HFR subtitles will be accomplished. Karagosian added that the The Hobbit (which opens Dec. 14) is not expected to offer subtitles on its HFR versions.

The study group is also planning a shoot to create HFR test material, which would be made available to all vendors to test developing HFR technology for production, postproduction and exhibition.

Director of photography David Stump is creating a shot list for this production.

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