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The Move Toward Live Cloud Production

September 29, 2023

Cloud technology is changing every aspect of the media industry, including the broadcast of live events. Several live events are already utilizing Live Cloud Production (LCP) including streaming-only productions and smaller sporting events. The next step is to start using this technology for larger events. Some tests have produced positive results, and not just in broadcast success and customer satisfaction.

            First and foremost, LCP is more sustainable than traditional live broadcasts. Because LCP is performed in the cloud, the infrastructure and broadcast can be done remotely. Traditional live broadcast is done on premises and requires a lot of equipment. This results in a much larger carbon footprint than LCP. Moving live broadcasts to the cloud can create a much more sustainable media future.

            LCP is also more economical than traditional live broadcasts, for the reasons listed above. Moving all that equipment on premises is an expensive undertaking. Broadcasting remote is far cheaper since it requires less equipment and less travel. Speaking of the broadcast equipment, on-premises broadcasters usually have to pay a fixed, up-front cost for equipment and transportation. LCP broadcasters, however, have a more “pay-as-you-go” model, which has the potential to save broadcasters a lot of money.

            LCP also has the potential to greatly expand the number of live events that can be broadcast. Even better, it can enhance the quality of those broadcasts. Cloud technology is easy to use, requires small teams to use, and can implement more advanced features and images than on-premises broadcasters. This ensures more and better content for consumers.

            The move toward LCP broadcasts is coming. Early tests of large sporting events have gone well. Soon, all live events, like concerts, debates, and even news, will be produced and broadcast over the cloud. More testing is needed, but the outcomes are looking bright. Once LCP becomes the industry norm, live broadcasts will be higher quality, cheaper, and far more sustainable than their predecessors.

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Russell Poole

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