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Former SMPTE Louis F. Wolf Jr. Memorial Scholarship Recipient Pays it Forward

December 15, 2022

We would like to recognize Mr. Michael J. W. Kaminskas, who has made a gracious donation to SMPTE in honor of receiving the Louis F. Wolf Jr. Memorial Scholarship from SMPTE in 1972 during his college career. Now, his donation will be able to fund two Louis F. Wolf Jr. Memorial Scholarship recipients. He writes, “During my senior year I worked on a project to investigate a design for an automobile simulator for the handicapped which resulted in a report. This was my initial link. I found out later that SMPTE had a scholarship program for which I could apply. The scholarship benefitted me as it allowed me to continue my education and prepare me for my initial work in the Air Force, my resultant Air Force career, and my Federal contractor work thereafter.”

He joined the Air Force Reserve Officer Training program and was the commander of the Senior Squadron which taught the last year students all the aspects of transitioning into the active Air Force. He was commissioned into the Air Force in June 1974 with a reporting date in November 1974. He was married in July 1974 and is still married to his bride. Unfortunately, he never completed his Master of Science degree in electrical engineering at his undergraduate school which SMPTE supported. However he writes that he was able to use many aspects of his engineering courses regularly. “While I have not worked in any specific area of SMPTE, I have had a full and successful career. It has been an eclectic career covering design, evaluation, maintenance, and repair in many different areas of engineering, along with teaching. I got to use many aspects of my engineering courses almost daily. I feel very fortunate, and I thank SMPTE for their support. I am glad that my donation can provide two $5,000 scholarships in the coming year and help these next generation SMPTE engineers. I hope they find work in SMPTE subject areas.”

Much like Mr. Kaminskas, you can help other students achieve the success he, and many others, have been able to achieve. SMPTE Student members are full members of the society just like you. Through membership we seek to connect them with an industry that is hungry for young engineers and scientists to build upon the important work we do for global media. In 2022 and 2023 SMPTE will be growing its outreach to show individuals in physics, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering how they can make an impact through careers in Media, Broadcast, and Cinema. By opening the doors to more students and inviting them in, we are helping grow the industry of tomorrow. Help us bring SMPTE’s Motion Imaging Journal, Education, and network to our students worldwide by making a tax-deductible contribution today. Your gift will make a direct impact on the future of our industry. And don’t forget, your employer may match your gift growing the impact!


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