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I was a teenage SMPTE Conference blogger!

October 22, 2012

There's so much happening in the broadcasting and cinema business right now, its no surprise that attendance at the SMPTE Conference has risen again this year.    If you can’t be here and want to follow some of the insights, why not check out our SMPTE blogs?   They’ll be appearing here on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (22, 23, 25 October 2012) of this week.   

Carolyn Giardina and moi (David Wood) will be there in Hollywood for you, trying to pick out the nuggets.  

 I really look forward to gleaning where our business is in the march for 3D, and the new Ultra-HD (or 4k).  Ultra-HD will make even the most brazen starlets double their make-up time.   Will it become the new 3D?    How will the movie industry react?   Darned if I know (yet). 

Douglas Trumball will be there at the Conference too.  Was there ever a Director who understood as well as he does the value of high technical quality?   The great combination of a man of art and science.    He has made a lifelong campaign for higher technical quality.    

Also does every (media storage) ‘cloud’ have a silver lining, or will the risks of letting someone else a long way away store your precious content be too great for our somewhat paranoid industry?  

So be back here on Tuesday.  If you are not there, we’ll be pacing the Hollywood Boulevard waiting.

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