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    ICG Urges IATSE Strike Call

    October 27, 2021

    At press time, the specter of a major Hollywood labor disruption with potential to shut down a good chunk of the film and television industries was moving closer to reality as IATSE, the Hollywood Guild representing various crew positions, was pursuing a strategy of seeking strike authorization from its members after negotiations with major studios ground to a halt. According to a series of ongoing reports on the labor strife on the Deadline website, IATSE was receiving wide support from related Hollywood guilds. Of note among them is the International Cinematographer’s Guild Local 600, the largest local Hollywood crafts guild within the IATSE umbrella. According to a Deadline report, the ICG’s executive board formally urged its members at press time to authorize a strike. Two separate strike authorization votes were slated to take place in early October to vote on the strike call.


    Michael Goldman

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