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A little bit more on clouds and stuff...

October 25, 2012

As the last blog explains, if you’ve looked at clouds from both sides now,  you would have enjoyed the whole half day of presentations about them.  There are evangelists for clouds and sceptics.   One of the main (and best) evangelists is Al Kovalick, who managed the session. 

 If you are doing nothing about clouds yet, it was easy to feel inadequate after, for example, hearing about a new Amazon service ‘Glazier,’ promising a level of content security beyond that achievable in your own building.  Content security has been one of the main brakes on the wider use of clouds for professional content.

 Al held that everyone should be asking their suppliers when they will be offering a product that can run in the cloud, and how much the product has been tested in the cloud.  

From where your blogger sat, there were nevertheless in the audience muttering dissenters who remain cautious about whether the time of clouds has finally come.      

Another ‘world changer’ idea came from Gary Demos today.   His presentation was the ‘unfolding merger of television and movie technology’.   I think this amounted to the hypothesis that the television industry should change to the ACES system used by the movie industry, which would allow higher quality to be preserved in the production chain.   In principle its true, but my guess is that it’s a little unlikely – for example many broadcasters believe that in future television programme production in a progressive scanning world will move down from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0, rather than ‘up’ from 4:2:2 to the movie production 4:4:4.   

What do you think?



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