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The Future of Live Video Game Streaming

November 7, 2023

(Based on the article: Encoding Optimizations for Video Game Live Streaming)

With the rise in popularity of esports, video game streaming platforms are experiencing higher traffic than ever before. Because of this, platforms need to optimize their streaming infrastructure to ensure their content can be delivered to consumers as intended. Several encoding strategies can make streaming video games, specifically, much easier for content creators and consumers.

Video games have specific streaming needs. Unlike pre-made content or “natural streaming,” video games are rendered as the game is played. This means that streaming infrastructure must consider factors like bitrate, framerate, and game mechanics.

AI can play a large role in this infrastructure by creating “game-content-aware” encoder configurations. This would allow for easier computational resource management and compression efficiency. This means that the stream of any game can keep up with the game engine, leading to a higher quality video and smooth picture movements.

Other tools, like rate control, bitrate trading, and 10-bit encoding accuracy, help do the same thing, but mostly can’t be controlled with AI yet. They would need to be incorporated into the structure of any video game streaming service. Current services can incorporate these technologies and strategies into their infrastructures, but it will take a bit of time.

Video game streaming services are only getting more popular, and the infrastructure to deliver quality content already exists. Implementing these strategies is a big task, but it’s necessary given the growing needs of the consumer. Once these strategies and technologies are part of the streaming infrastructure, Video Game streaming will be vastly improved, and will continue to improve as the audience for it continues to grow.

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