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    Watch this space!

    September 18, 2010

    The SMPTE Annual Technical Conference gets under way Monday morning with a Pre-Conference seminar on "Digital Media Ecosystem Essentials" with an impressive lineup of speakers on a wide range of topics from "Rights Management" to "Building the Content Factory"across the business/technical divide.  

    We all know that new technologies are disrupting existing business models; the seminar will provide lots of input on how these technologies can support new business models!

    As the title says, "Watch this Space" --throughout the Conference Carolyn Giardina will be blogging the highlights for the benefit of those who cannot be with us.

    We wish you were here (and perhaps you will be; you can register on site!), but if you can't, don't miss Carolyn's insights.

    Peter Symes 2010-10-23


    Erminia Fiorino

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