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    You Want That 3D Channel On Air When?

    October 28, 2010

    Are SMPTE members ready for 3D distribution? The topic was addressed during a Wednesday afternoon session.

    “When will it be your turn to launch a 3D channel, and when it is, will you be ready?” Harris’ Christopher Lennon asked the audience. “There are going to be unrealistic timelines, no budgets—but we need to get it right.”

    He suggested that the step from HD to 3D is “not nearly as tough” as going from SD to HD was for broadcasters. But he offered some suggestions on how to prepare, including that one should consider what one will need for 3D when buying new equipment.

    “The lack of 3D standardization is making it very difficult for companies to implement,” Lennon also said during a wrap up panel. “This has a life of its own. Standards bodies are working, it is just not quick enough…there is so much going on.

    “The only continent where I don’t know of any concrete (3D channel) plans is Africa,” he added. “I would say I’ve seen more concrete plans in Europe then anywhere else.”

    Added Ericsson’s Matthew Goldman: “Korea is leading the effort in how to do 3D with terrestrial broadcasting. Terrestrial broadcasting has unique issues unlike cable or satellite. It has a strictly limited bandwidth. You can’t add a channel.”

    He added that it has becomes easier to do 3D on small, portable devices “that have autostereo issues resolved because single view on a small device makes that viable.”


    SMPTE Staff

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