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    Carey Urges Action Against Internet Film Piracy

    October 26, 2010

    “The average consumer can access a pirated film in just a few clicks,” warned Chris Carey, executive VP of worldwide technical operations at Paramount Pictures, during a luncheon keynote on the state of Internet film piracy. He urged the audience to get involved in addressing the problem.

    The most damaging current models are cyber lockers and streaming sites. The enabler is the revenue that comes from either subscription models or payment processes. Carey reviewed tool to combat piracy, including watermarking and fingerprinting. He also described “Pirate Eye,” a night vision technology that can be used to detect video cameras. “We hope to be moving to the next generation of the technology and getting the cost down so we can talk with exhibitors about putting it in every auditorium.”

    Site blocking, Carey suggested, is a method to “stop piracy at the source. That is what we have to have enablement to do. There is early testing going on.” To this point, Carey reported that there is a proposed bipartisan Senate bill that if passed would allow the government to block a cyber locker or streaming site that is proven to be illegal. Further information can be found at www. StopIPjobloss.com. Carey encouraged the audience to write letters in support of the bill “so we can put a dent in the piracy problem.”


    Erminia Fiorino

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