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ST 2067-60 IMF Application #6 UHDTV program workflow (AVC)

September 29, 2021

Re-rendering and re-QC of a completed master program file prior to its broadcast is often needed due to late stage editorial changes required by program producers that involve editing to make additions or corrections to the program content. The full-scale re-rendering and re-QC from beginning to end of a master program file are very heavy load processes in terms of the time taken and the storage capacity involved in the creation of multiple file versions, especially for beyond-HD image sizes such as UHDTV.

A new IMF Application, which enables multiple versions to be created from a common set of essence components, solves these issues by executing rendering and QC only for the required frames as a function of the IMF Composition Playlist (CPL).

ST 2067-60 specifies IMF Application #6 to provide effective version management for a more efficient UHDTV program workflow. This targets UHDTV image essence coded as an AVC stream and audio essence coded as a linear PCM stream with reference to the program exchange standards used by, but not limited to, Japanese broadcasting stations.

On 1 March 2021, a Public Committee Draft was published on the SMPTE GitHub repository for industry review and feedback. An updated second Public Committee Draft is now being made available for further review. This takes into account feedback received and incorporates details of the newly defined optional pixel color schemes for Output Profile List (OPL) processing that may be used to generate the final programme output.

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