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The SMPTE Sum-Up

September 16, 2023

Welcome to the SMPTE Sum-Up, the weekly publication that details the recent and current events of your favorite standards development organization. This week at SMPTE:

The SMPTE UK section visited Amazon’s UK headquarters for a presentation on Cloud operations in media. Presented by Dr. Richard I. Cartwright, the evening was an in-depth look at what Cloud technology can do for the media industry, as well as a lively networking event with plenty of drinks and food. The SMPTE UK section knows how to party!

The same day as the SMPTE UK event, SMPTE Toronto had something to celebrate as well! The section announced an update regarding the ATSC 3.0. The Humber B2C Lab has officially been granted the first, and only, ATSC 3.0 experimental broadcasting license in Canada! This exciting news comes just one year after the lab first opened.

On the other side of the equator, SMPTE Australia, New Zealand, and Southern Pacific Islands held an event at Telstra Broadcast Services! The event included a tour of the facilities, as well as a presentation from Head of Operations, Trevor Clark. After the tour, there was even beer and pizza! Looks like many SMPTE sections like to have a good time.

In education news, an exciting update to the SMPTE-EBU EuroVOX Tool Collaboration! This innovative software can now support at least 65 different languages and dialects for transcription and almost 20000 different language pairs for translation! SMPTE will be using this tool to make technical papers and virtual classes far more accessible!

Speaking of SMPTE Education, two weeks ago the webcast, “How and Why an Underdog 16mm Camera has United Generations for a Century” was viewed by more than 100 people! If you’re kicking yourself for missing it, then you’ll be happy to know that you can still check it out here!

In events news, IBC is this weekend, and SMPTE has some big names giving presentations. President Renard Jenkins, Executive Director David Grindle, and Director of Business Development and Outreach Dr. Michele Wright will all be speaking this weekend! Do you have to miss IBC? Come see them at the 2023 Media Technology Summit in October! Register for the Summit now!

That’s it for this week’s SMPTE Sum-Up. For more information on past and current events, standards projects, and webcasts, visit our website. See you next week!

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Russell Poole

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