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What Defines an Active Section in SMPTE?

September 28, 2023

This question has been presented to me several times. In a society where we find ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, measuring things by size more often than not, it is tempting to define the success of a Section by numbers, members, activities, or attendees. Sure, these are all viable measures, but expectations are another. The expectations of our members in each Section truly define success. A Section is successful if we are meeting the needs of members.

Our Sections face geographical challenges. Some have a dense membership, making it easier to meet more frequently. Others have equally dedicated members dispersed across vast distances. Frequent in-person meetings are hampered by the laws of physics defining travel. These factors do not make a less densely populated Section any less successful; they simply must be factored into the planning.

SMPTE Sections provide a local network. They encourage business and personal connections that benefit both individual and corporate members. Local Sections enable others with similar challenges to commiserate and solve problems, saving time, money, and frustration.

The volunteers who lead our Sections, build their programming, and execute operations on the ground are committed to SMPTE and their colleagues on a local level. Planning and operating events can be easier in regions where many people share the duties. We see the result of that in Sections that have monthly events. Some meet only quarterly. That does not make them any less successful, and we should applaud their efforts just as loudly.

The Section leaders gather at the end of each month to share ideas and resources. We are working to strengthen their support in marketing and promotion, a task the staff at the home office can help with. We are also working to share Section activities across the entire membership. Because our membership is mobile, I encourage you to check out what Section activities are going on in an area if you happen to be there. Cross-pollination of members builds stronger networks and a stronger global membership.

Our dedicated leadership is continuously looking for people to engage in all of our Sections. I encourage you to reach out and get involved. It might be as simple as attending an online or in-person event or meeting. If you have the time to serve, please do. As the expression goes, “many hands make light work.”

SMPTE is a local network with a global reach. While I hope that you can engage at all levels, participating locally provides you with benefits close to home that make a difference in your daily work. Please reach out and attend a gathering. It will make a difference to both you and SMPTE.

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David Grindle

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